Construction factoring

Most often, this means financing related to the construction of motorway networks, railway tracks and public utility/sewage systems and to the implementation of environmental protection projects.

By choosing this product, even businesses usually deemed risky and thus less financed by commercial banks can get access to the financing they need.

Circular debt, so typical in the construction sector, and long, sometimes uncertain payment deadlines are easier to manage through factoring, as our clients are offered access to the majority of their accounts receivable upon presenting proof of completion and invoice delivery.

Early-stage businesses with lower turnover can leverage their largest orders and most reliable clients to achieve several times the amount of financing the credit limits of commercial banks would allow for.

Most of our portfolio is comprised of construction sector factoring transactions, meaning clients active in this segment have CITY FAKTOR’s extensive expertise to rely on, including experience with the seasonality typical of the industry and its payments-related particularities.