An introduction to leasing

By taking advantage of CITY-LEASING Zrt’s financial leasing products, your business can get access to financing simply and quickly, under fair and favorable conditions.

This financing structure involves us purchasing the object of leasing selected by our Clients with the purpose of transferring its rights of use to the lessee in exchange for a lease payment. In case of closed-end leasing, the object of the lease becomes the property of the lessee at the end of the lease term, upon payment of the last lease payment. In case of an open-end lease, the lessee has the option to name the prospective owner.


  • in case of an open-end lease, if the object of the lease is utilized as part of the business’s operations, the VAT content of the lease payment is deducted in installments during the lease term, and can be reclaimed in accordance with the stipulations of existing legislation
  • financing interest can be written off as an expense
  • the lessee has the option to write off depreciation
  • in case of open-end leasing, residual value reduces monthly payments
  • in case of open-end leasing, there is no purchase obligation at the end of the lease term
  • a fast and flexible form of financing


  • closed-end financial lease
  • open-end financial lease

Financeable clients

  • business associations, corporations and partnerships
  • entrepreneurs and sole proprietors

Financeable objects

  • personal vehicles
  • freight vehicles
  • buses
  • manufacturing equipment
  • IT devices, office equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • logistics equipment

Currency of financing: Hungarian forint, euro

Interest: during the term, interest rates are adjusted in accordance with changes in the BUBOR/EURIBOR rates.

Insurance: casco/property insurance covering the object of the lease is required throughout the entire lease term.

We are obligated to register the conclusion of the lease agreement in the Collateral Register (Hitelbiztosítéki Nyilvántartás, HBNY) system operated by the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries. This is conditional on the Lessee’s holding a valid HBNY registration and a making a declaration of identity at a public notary of their choosing.

leasing process